Screwdriver Organizer
Screwdriver Organizer
Screwdriver Organizer
Screwdriver Organizer

Screwdriver Organizer

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Screwdriver Organizers

Holds 8 Screwdrivers

Modular Screwdriver Organizers made for your Toolbox! 

The easiest, fastest, and best way to organize and inventory your screwdrivers in your toolbox! Organize a screwdriver drawer in minutes and inventory check in seconds. Simple and effective toolbox organization done right!

  • Each kit holds 8 screwdrivers, but add more holders as needed.
  • Holds small and large screwdrivers, picks, punches, and ratchet extensions.
  • Saves 40% of drawer space.
  • 1 kit fully connected is 8" for 8 screwdrivers big or small.
  • Use optional spacers to allow for more room between widgets, 8 included.
  • Includes eight spacers per kit and allows for more screwdriver handle room.
  • Strong neodymium magnets, over 50lbs of pull per a kit.
  • Magnets hold widgets securely in place, even with a slam.
  • Works great with thin drawer liners.
  • Orange missing tool indicators makes inventory easy.
  • Widgets are 1.5" tall and fit into shallow drawers.